These are a few of my favorite (UX) Things

Defining Why

Whether defining problems by analyzing analytics, noticing workarounds while observing, or discovering insights during user interviews, I love digging into the WHY.

Workshop Facilitation

The generation of ideas starts and ends with the user and business goals in mind, and often designers don’t have the best ideas. Eliciting ideas from client services, developers, leaders, and users is my favorite way to generate ideas that will solve customer problems in the most creative way, plus, it’s FUN.


Taking ideas generated by an ideation session or design sprint from paper sketches to high fidelity mocks and working along side co-designers, developers, and product managers is the icing on the UX cake - and I love CAKE.

Usability Testing

Having the ability to test prototypes before going into development is one of my favorite ways to understand our users, how they use our software, and eliminate time developing software that doesn’t suit the needs of our users. Never has been being wrong been so RIGHT.